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Course Architect is an unparalleled course creation system designed with efficiency to save you hours of time by making your course creation process easier, faster and better.

Course Architect is for...

Beginner Creators

Wanting to create their first course or guide but are experiencing the stressful overload of how to organize, manage and publish all the content for the course. Creating a course should be fun. Course Architect makes it fun by offering an intuitive beginner friendly place to organize, manage, write and even publish your course without ever leaving Notion.

Experienced Creators

Experiencing the stress of notebooks and sticky note planning, looking to find a creative space to facilitate stressless workdays instead of long hours of switching between apps trying to organize everything. Creating a course should be a breeze. Course Architect makes it easy by offering a pleasant creative writing experience and allowing you to manage, write, organize and publish your course without ever leaving Notion.

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One place to organize your course creation process

Course Architect offers a place to collect all your thoughts, resources, ideas, templates or frameworks. No need to switch between apps to manage your course creation. Simply pull up your data and start writing.

Easy-to-use Course Builder for a pleasant writing experience

Course Architect is designed as minimally as possible to offer a tidy writing experience optimized for creative writing by using the newest Notion features and having ideas, resources, frameworks and research right at hand when creating.

Manage multiple courses and track progress in real-time.

Manage multiple courses and organize them by status, tags, set deadlines or even plan out specific tasks for specific courses and track them in real-time with the progress bars.

Publish your course directly to Notion

Publish your course directly inside Notion by the click of a button - share the Notion page with your audience and you'll never need another Course Creation Software in your life.

Course Architect Pro

Take your course creation to the next level with 15+ curated pages of templates, checklists, tools, worksheets and guides.

7 Plug & Play Templates, Tools & Checklists

To help you create your next course with ease.

5 Worksheets & Exercises

Worksheets and exercises to improve your skills.

3 Checklists & Guides

Step-by-step checklists and guides to help you build the best course.


No subscriptions. One price for unlimited lifetime access.

Course Architect


The only course creation system you'll need.

✓ All-In-1 Course Creation System

✓ Courses, tasks and progress tracking

✓ Easy-to-use course builder

✓ Publish directly in Notion

✓ Resource, research and inspiration storage

✓ Future updates included

Course Architect Pro


Cheat codes for course creation.

✓ All-In-1 Course Creation System

✓ Courses, tasks and progress tracking

✓ Easy-to-use course builder

✓ Publish directly in Notion

✓ Resource, research and inspiration storage

✓ Future updates included

Course Quality Worksheet

Course Idea & Inspiration Worksheet

Find A Perfect Audience Exercise

Promise & Results Exercise

Idea to Irrestistible Offer Blueprint

20 Ultimate Course Niches

The Pricing Guide

Idea Rating Tool

Irresistible Offer Checklist

Profitable Niche Checklist

7 Step Video Script

“Tips” Plug & Play Template

“How-To” Plug & Play Template

✓ "Sales Page" Plug & Play Template

“Case Study” Plug & Play Template

The Architect Bundle


Your business on steroids

Course Architect ($179)

Agency Architect ($179)

Email Architect ($179)

Task Architect ($179)

Click here to learn more about the bundle

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Course Architect?

Course Architect is a Notion workspace built to help you to create, manage, strategize and publish your courses from one digital place.

How does it work?

This course creation system is a template built in Notion. After your purchase, you'll get a link from where you can duplicate the template directly into your Notion. I've included a detailed video guide to help you get set up.

Why Notion as your Course Creation System?

Most course creation software are overpriced, on a monthly payment and offer horrible writing experiences for creatives No more copy & pasting from Google Docs, switching back to your Calendar and then back to your course creation software. Through Notion, Course Architect provides the framework for minimalistic and efficient course creation and allows you to store all your resources, research & inspiration in the same place you write.

Do I need to pay for Notion to use this?

Notion is free to use and you can use all the features of Course Architect simply by registering with a free Notion account.

What if I still have questions?

Send me a message on Twitter or send an email to [email protected]

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